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    产品名称: SDG料斗式塑料干燥机(小规格)

    发布日期: 2015/9/30 13:58:24

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    Product Introduction 
    SDG series hopper plastic dryer now has become a mature product based on the digestion and absorption of model machines introduced by our factory in the early eighties and with more than a decade of production improvement. There are 16 specifications of products for complete series, applicable to use with the injection of various kinds of plastics and extrusion molding machines. The complete series products obtained the title of Quality Product of Ministry of Light Industry in 1990. 
    ◆ 设备结构简单,无需占地,简化操作流程,节省人力,易于实现自动化;
    ◆ The structure of the equipment is simple. It does not need to land on the ground, for which the operational process is simplified and manpower is saved to facilitate the achievement of automation; 
    ◆ 原料干燥后,无需反复搬运,不易带入灰尘等污物,同时提高制品质量;
    ◆ After dried, the raw materials do not need to transport repeatedly, and dust and other dirties are not easy to carry in, at the same time, the product quality is improved; 
    ◆ 原料在干燥料筒中停留时间短,不易变色,同时易于原料干燥后含水量的检测和控制;
    ◆ The residence time for raw materials in barrel is short. It is not apt to change colors, but at the same time apt to the detect and control water content of raw materials after 
    ◆Save engery. Compared with oven, 30%~65% energy can be saved; 
    ◆After fully dried, the resin materials drop to molding machine in hot state, which can shorten the melting time of resin and increase the injection rate; 
    ◆ Stainless steel and aluminum alloy are used for manufacturing. Keep raw materials clean. 
    ◆ 选用及主要技术参数
    ◆ Selection and Main Technical Parameters
    Selection methods for SDG Series dryer:
    It is extremely important to choose the dryers according to the specifications and size of supporting molding machines. It the selected specification is too large, the energy and funds will be wasted, otherwise the drying effect will be undesirable. In order to achieve highly efficient drying effect and ensure to keep materials fully dry, generally calculation can be in accordance with the injection amount of molding machine per hour, and the loading volume of the selected dryer should be be slightly larger than the following calculated value:
    ◆ 干燥机装料量=成型机每小时射出量X原料干燥时间
    ◆ Dryer Loading Volume = Injection Volume of Molding Machine Per Hour × Drying Time of Raw Material 
    ◆ 各种塑料颗料原料干燥时间见附表一,如实际使用中原料经常变换,干燥机装料量=成型机每小时射出量X2.5h。
    ◆ Drying time of various kinds of plastic granular raw materials refers to Attached Table 1. If raw materials are often changed in actual use, then dryer loading volume = Injection Volume of Molding Machine Per Hour × 2.5.

    ◆Main Technical Parameters: 


    Remark: 1. Power Supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V/220V, 50Hz


    2. Specification and parameters are subject to change without notice. 


    3. Dryer hopper barrels higher than SDG-100 specification have such two kinds of having insulating layer and not having insulating layer (model is D type) for selection. 


    4. Loading Capacity: refers to the material quality of six particles of nylon with the density capable of loading of 0.64. 


    Common Plastics Drying Temperature Schedule (for Reference):


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